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New Year's Reflections

Hello Reifsnyder's Ag Center friends and family.  As we close out one year, and look forward to a new one, we wanted to take a moment to look back at where we've been, and to look ahead to where we are going.  Over the years, the business has changed a bit, as has the world around us.  Our focus, however, has always been on serving the customers who shop here, and the community we live in.  We thank you for relying on us, particularly those of you who have used the "digital channel" recently.  This website has been a big change for us in the last year-plus.  A new adventure, if you will, and a bit of an unknown.  As the world increasingly digitizes, we are excited to have and make this website become a bigger part of our business offerings, and are looking forward to the opportunities and advantages it presents.  For those of you who stop in and shop in person, we thank you as well, and we will continue to operate both channels, and hope that each will be a useful part of our offerings. 

Looking ahead to 2020, we will be celebrating our 25th year in business.  We are excited to share an anniversary year with you all, as many of you have been here for all 25.  Many others have joined along the way, and our aim is to add more yet!  The future of the business is growth, and we strive to be flexible enough to meet changing needs around us.  We want to continue and increase the services we offer to you, expecially in this coming anniversary year.  Look forward to some exciting things - some new, some continuing - as we move into a new year, a new decade, and in some ways a new era.  One thing remains the same.  We appreciate your support, and enjoy being able to help those around us in whatever small way we can.  

Thank you again, and God bless!  See you soon.

Pete, Darlene, Ben, Nate, and AJ, with Steve, Brian, Nancy, Bill, Missy, Sam, Logan, Regan, and George        

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