(61PMM3) OILOMATIC STIHL Chainsaw Chain

Stihl Usa

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STIHL PICCO™ Micro™ Mini 3 saw chain is a low-kickback, narrow kerf, low-profile chain ideal for smaller chainsaws. It is very smooth-cutting and features lightweight cutters that allow more power to be available for cutting. This semi-chisel chain does not usually get dull as fast as full-chisel chain in normal use and is slightly easier to maintain and sharpen. It is specifically designed for corded electric-, battery- and gasoline-powered chainsaws or pole pruners with less than 1.5kW (2.0 bhp) of power output.

Applications: The PMM3 chain is ideal for small branches and general cleanup and maintenance around the home. Professionals requiring plunge-cutting should use this chain as well.

STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.

Unsure which type of saw chain you need? Download our Saw Chain Selection & Identification Chart for easy reference when replacing your STIHL saw chain.

These chains are for saws such as MS170, MS180, or 017 or 018. They are listed on the link above as 61PMM3 44, 61PMM3 50, 61PMM3 55.  The link above may help you identify your saw.  Contact us for specifics before purchase.  

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