Purina® Premium Wildlife Block

Highly-palatable, easy-to-use 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, wild birds and other wildlife. Now containing the new Purina® Power Nugget™ supplement, Purina® Premium Wildlife Block provides more balanced nutrition for wildlife than whole grains.

Features & Benefits

Contains peanuts

Helps draw squirrels away from bird feeders

Easy to use

Simple to set up in the area you want to attract and feed wildlife; No feeder required; Convenient carrying handle provides for easy transport

Highly palatable

Helps ensure strong consumption and keeps wildlife coming back

High-quality seeds and optimized formula

Helps provide more complete nutrition than whole grains and a high-quality food source to help survive tough winters

Long lasting

Economical choice to attract wildlife year-round

New Power Nugget™ Supplement

Helps support the natural forage of wildlife