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Coat Conditioner Adds Shine and Luster

A Show Ring Shine Every Time

Shine Baby Shine has been formulated to provide shine, luster and protection for hair follicles.  Shine Baby Shine is enriched with a multi formula blend of natural vitamins to aid with small cuts and abrasions while aiding in detangling.  Formulated with Aloe Vera this product can provide a healthy shine to your horse.  Product does provide a sweet and soothing fragrance of Jasmin and Sandalwood extracts.  


For best results, start with a clean horse.  However, it can be applied to a wet horse just after a bath or while dry.  Apply to animal by spraying directly onto the hair in an even coat or spray onto a towel and rub over the coat.  Stroke the hair flat in its natural direction with your palm, a fine brush or towel to help coat the hair evenly.  For shiny, flowing manes and tails, spray evenly over the hair, then comb through.  


Do not use on saddle area of the horse.  Do not use on manes or tales if you intend to braid them.  

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